Our History

I’m Claire the owner of Soul Mothers. Soul Mothers was started by Kirsty in 2006 in Brisbane, one of the first maternity and breastfeeding online boutiques in Australia to bring quality maternity and breastfeeding fashion and accessories from around the world to our shores. I took over from Kirsty in 2013 and moved the business to Melbourne, which is my home town.


Like many women, I had a difficult start to breastfeeding. My son was born 14 week premature and was able to feed from the breast or bottle for about 10 weeks. Because he was struggling a bit, I didn’t even get to hold him till he was 4 days old and my milk supply really struggled to come in.

As my pregnancy ended too early, I was determined to breastfeed to give him as much liquid gold as possible.

I had to try many things – medication to stimulate my supply, months and months of expressing, breastfeeding clinics and I met every lactation consultant on my side of town.

soul mothers owner claire with prem baby son
soul mother's expressed milk for both children

The perseverance paid off and I was able to feed my son till he self-weaned at 3 years old. When I had my second child at term, I thought breastfeeding would be easier this time around.

But I was wrong! She was a poor feeder and I had to exclusively express for 4 more months until she had developed the skills she needed to feed.

My daughter also self-weaned at 3 years of age and in those 6 years I learned a lot about breastfeeding and became keen to share my knowledge and support others with their breastfeeding journey.

This is how I found Soul Mothers, thinking that my knowledge and passion was a good match for these amazing products we stock.

our team

We have a small team here at Soul Mothers and it’s very much a family business. I’m a single mum and my two are now teenagers! Where did the time go?

My life is pretty busy as it is for every mum! My mum helps out with orders and some of the behind the scenes business activities that I need to do. And of course, I couldn’t run the business without the help of my daughter who has been helping out since she was about 7.

So if you receive a parcel with a crooked label or lots of sticky tape on it, then you will know that it has been lovingly packed with the help of an eager young helper.



It’s been a fun experience to meet and talk to my wonderful customers over the past few years and get to know what they are looking for. We aim not only to provide you with some of the best quality maternity and breastfeeding products available in the world, but we also make customer service our number one priority.

Here at Soul Mothers we are always happy to help customers with any queries they have. We are happy to measure garments, check on availability of stock with our suppliers if you are after something in particular and we will even refer you to another reliable business if we can’t supply you with what you need but know someone who can!

We are always happy to receive feedback and welcome any customer who would like to leave us a review on our service or products or contact us via email to discuss their experience with us and let us know how we can improve further.


Quality, leading maternity and nursing brands from around the world.

Our maternity and nursing labels and brands have been very carefully chosen to reflect the quality that you as a new or expectant mother deserve.  We know it is still difficult to buy quality and stylish maternity and breastfeeding garments in good old bricks and mortar stores, so we bring you a good selection on our site that we know are quality products that will keep you looking stylish and are at affordable prices. We are continually building on this. Many of our brands are not available anywhere else in Australia.


Just because we are online doesn’t mean you have to wait long to receive your order. We process all our order within 24 hours and do our best to get them in the post to you the same day wherever possible. We have recently reduced our Express Post flat rate so that its a more affordable option for you so you don’t have to wait long for your order to arrive.

As mothers ourselves, we know how special and important you are and know that your time is valuable.  We have designed our site with this in mind so that online shopping for you will be fast, safe and secure and save you valuable time online.  Combined with our speedy delivery service and easy return and exchange policy shopping online with us is a breeze!

We are confident that you will love your shopping experience with us and look forward to your custom.