How to use your Breastfeeding Pillow

Ways to use your Breastfeeding Pillow So you have chosen your breastfeeding pillow. Now you will want to know how to use your nursing pillow properly to get the most benefit out of it for you and your baby. Here is how to use it for different breastfeeding positions: Cradle hold Place the pillow across your lap and if it has a higher end, you will want this end to be positioned on the side you are feeding on in order to ensure that you can lift your baby’s head as close to the breast as possible. Bring your baby...

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Choosing the right breastfeeding pillow

Among all the items recommended for purchasing when having your baby, you might find a breastfeeding pillow on the list. But do you need one? And how do you choose the right one? Here we explore some of the features of a nursing pillow to help you consider which features are most important to you when you choose a pillow. What is a Breastfeeding Pillow? A breastfeeding pillow, also referred to as a ‘nursing pillow’ is designed to help you and your baby find the most comfortable and efficient position to assist with breastfeeding. The pillow will also help you...

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Slings and carriers: the simple solution to sleep deprivation

For the newborn baby adjusting to life on the outside can be difficult. Gone is the security of the snug womb, the gentle rocking 24 / 7 as mum gets on with her day. The constant companionship and reassurance of her heartbeat.

Simple solution? A sling or carrier to keep baby snug and secure.

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Breastfeeding: How old is too old?

Breastfeeding is possibly the single most divisive topic a mum has to deal with. Whilst most of us are now positively encouraged to breastfeed our newborn babies ‘for as long as possible and practical’, somehow the idea of a four year old breastfeeding is still offensive to many. Are you risking damaging your child’s emotional development more by allowing them to breastfeed as long as they like, or by enforcing a societal expectation and weaning them at perhaps two? Why would you even want to breastfeed beyond 6 months?   Nature and nurture Breastfeeding is nature’s way of nurturing both...

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Top 10 baby names for 2014

As expectant parents, there is always the exciting but difficult task of naming your baby. What sort of names are on your list? Let’s take a look at the most popular names for 2014 to help inspire you.

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