4 tips for when breastfeeding gets tough

Lets face it. Breastfeeding can get tough. It might be what nature intended but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If it was so easy to get the hang of, then the breast vs bottle debate wouldn’t exist. I had a difficult start to breastfeeding, so I’d like to share a few things that got me through the ‘early daze’.

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How to use your Breastfeeding Pillow

Ways to use your Breastfeeding Pillow So you have chosen your breastfeeding pillow. Now you will want to know how to use your nursing pillow properly to get the most benefit out of it for you and your baby. Here is how to use it for different breastfeeding positions: Cradle hold Place the pillow across your lap and if it has a higher end, you will want this end to be positioned on the side you are feeding on in order to ensure that you can lift your baby’s head as close to the breast as possible. Bring your baby...

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Choosing the right breastfeeding pillow

Among all the items recommended for purchasing when having your baby, you might find a breastfeeding pillow on the list. But do you need one? And how do you choose the right one? Here we explore some of the features of a nursing pillow to help you consider which features are most important to you when you choose a pillow. What is a Breastfeeding Pillow? A breastfeeding pillow, also referred to as a ‘nursing pillow’ is designed to help you and your baby find the most comfortable and efficient position to assist with breastfeeding. The pillow will also help you...

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