Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Original

Baby K'tan


Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Original

The Baby K'tan™ Baby Carrier (patent pending) delivers a soft, breathable cotton cloth baby embrace that allows parents and caregivers to securely and easily carry a newborn without burdening the hands and the mind of the carrier. Parents can stylishly carry their babies in multiple comfortable positions, while freeing up their hands to tend to other tasks or other children. It can be worn in all the same positions as a wrap, without the hassle of wrapping! Babies can be snuggled and breastfed in the Cradle and Explore positions. They can also be carried upright, facing in or out, and as they get older, they can be carried on your hip. Please consult our instructions for further guidance.

Unlike other baby slings that have clips and fasteners, the Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier is made of 100% pure cotton offering the softness and flexibility of cloth while securely embracing the newborn to the chest of the caregiver. Travelling on a bus or in tight spaces can often be a burden for parents who operate push prams. With the Baby K’tan™ there is no need to disassemble and reassemble bulky baby carriers. It is made of two loops of cotton which are connected by a third smaller loop called the Back Support Band. that can be easily worn and taken off.

Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier also offers much needed ergonomic support for the back, supports breastfeeding without the need to remove the sling and provides convenience when out and about.

100% cotton

Black, Heather Grey.

Use the chart below to determine your Baby K'tan sizing. The Baby K'tan is sized to fit the adult who will be carrying the child. Age or weight of child is not a factor.

Carrier Size






Women’s Size

6 – 8

10 – 12

14 – 16

18 – 20


Men’s Suit Jacket Size


Up to 38

39 – 42

43 – 46

47 – 50

If in-between sizes or if 5’2” or shorter, choose smaller size. If pregnant, base on pre-pregnancy sizes. Sizing generally corresponds to wearer's fitted t-shirt size. The Baby K’tan is meant to fit snugly to allow for stretching. If the carrier feels a bit snug the first time you put it on, this does not necessarily mean it is too small.


Each person is shaped differently, and like clothing, some people may fit into more than one size or fall in-between sizes on the above sizing chart. The following additional sizing tips should be used as a guide to assist you in ordering the optimal size.


  • fall in-between sizes or are unsure of sizing or you are petite – height of 157cm (5’2") or under
  • If you are pregnant, use pre-pregnancy size to determine appropriate carrier size.
  • Only go up in size selection if you are 183cm (6 feet) or taller.

Wearing Instructions

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