timi and leslie Designer Baby Bags

timi & leslie designer baby bag range originated in the USA and is now available right here in Australia. timi & leslie’s designer baby bag, nappy bag designs are inspired by the philosophy that being a parent does not mean sacrificing style to gain function. With timi & leslie baby bags parents get the best of both worlds. They can look chic and stay organised.

The creation of timi & leslie revolutionized the baby bag industry and ushered in an era where mums could also be style icons. timi & leslie pioneered the stylish yet functional baby bag movement. With a huge cult following from celebrity fans that include Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Cox Arquette, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and Jack Black, timi & leslie baby bags are the choice of parents who know luxurious style, practical function and great quality.

timi & leslie allows Parents, Mothers & Fathers, the choice of style when selecting & using nappy bags. Our nappy bags most often don't resemble the "run of the mill" nappy bags currently on the market. 

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