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Hey there, lovely mums! We’re thrilled to have you join us on this incredible journey through motherhood. Soul Mothers isn’t just a maternity and breastfeeding boutique – it’s a supportive community tailored for amazing women like you, whether you’re pregnant, a new mum, or navigating the beautiful world of breastfeeding. Let’s dive into our story and the heart warming mission that drives us.

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Our Humble Beginnings

Cast your memory back to 2006 – a time when dial-up internet was still a thing and ‘poking’ someone on social media was a legit interaction. That’s when Soul Mothers made its grand entrance. We were among the trailblazers, pioneering maternity and breastfeeding online boutiques in Australia. Our mission? Delivering the crème de la crème of maternity fashion and accessories, sourced globally, right to your doorstep.

From Struggles to Strength: Our Breastfeeding Journey

I had a rocky start to breastfeeding with my son arriving a whopping 14 weeks early! I struggled to build a milk supply and became accustomed to a 3 hourly expressing routine. However, I had deep determination to provide my little one with as much precious liquid gold as I could produce.

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I left no stone unturned, seeking solutions from medications to countless hours of expressing milk. I visited breastfeeding clinics and worked closely with lactation consultants, it paid off with my son feeding for three years. 

When my daughter came along, I encountered yet another challenge. She had difficulties with feeding  and required four months of exclusive pumping. But like her older brother, she also enjoyed breastfeeding till the ripe old age of three.

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Our Mission: Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At Soul Mothers, we understand the unique joys and challenges that come with motherhood. That’s why our mission is simple yet powerful: to help mums like you discover high-quality, ingenious products that support you throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.

Meet the Heart Behind Soul Mothers

Our team is small but mighty, driven by a shared commitment to making your motherhood journey smoother. I am a single mum and the driving force behind Soul Mothers. I am supported by my mum, who assists with orders and behind-the-scenes tasks, and my daughter, who’s been lending a hand since she was just seven years old. If you ever receive a parcel with a slightly crooked label or a bit too much sticky tape, know that it was packed with love by an eager young helper.

Our Team
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Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with incredible customers like you. Your feedback and insights have helped us refine our offerings. At Soul Mothers, we’re not just committed to providing the finest maternity and breastfeeding products; we make customer service our top priority. If you have questions, need measurements, or are searching for a specific item, we’re here to assist. And if we can’t provide what you need, we’ll happily connect you with reliable businesses that can.

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Discover Our Handpicked Brands

Our collection of maternity and nursing labels and brands has been thoughtfully curated to offer you the quality and style you deserve. We understand that finding stylish, high-quality maternity and breastfeeding attire can be challenging, so we’ve scoured the globe to bring you a selection of top-notch products at affordable prices. Many of these brands can’t be found anywhere else in Australia.

Our Brands

Shopping Made Easy with Soul Mothers

Don’t worry about long waits when you shop online with us. We process orders within 24 hours and aim to send them your way on the same day whenever possible. We’ve even revamped our Express Post rate, making it budget-friendly for you. Why? Because we understand the worth of your time. With a website designed for speed and security, paired with our hassle-free return and exchange policy, shopping with us is as breezy as a coastal escape.

Join the Soul Mothers Family

We’re confident that your shopping experience with us will be nothing short of delightful. Your journey through motherhood is a beautiful one, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Welcome to the Soul Mothers family – where style, quality, and exceptional service meet the needs of remarkable mums like you.

Thank you for choosing Soul Mothers. We can’t wait to serve you on this incredible adventure.

Warmest wishes,
Claire and the Soul Mothers Team


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