parents wearing babies in baby slings and carriersBaby Slings & Carriers

Baby slings & carriers have become a popular way to get out and about with your baby. Carrying your baby not only has great benefits for both mother and baby, it can be an absolute lifesaver for any new Mum. Keep your hands free to carry on with your day to day activities. Keep your baby close to feel safe and secure. Move around more freely when out about with worrying about getting a pram in and out of places.

Research has shown that babies will cry less when held in a sling which is good for their mental and emotional development.  Babies feel safe and secure when close to their mum. Many poor sleepers have a good sleep when close to their mum in a carrier. What does this add up to?  A happy baby which equals a happy mum!

We offer a range of popular slings & carriers that also take into consideration the growth and development of your baby. Our range is designed to sit your baby in a safe ergonomic position to keep their hips safe. Not only will you love our carriers, so will your baby.

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