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Boob Nursingwear, a vibrant, eco-conscious and award-winning brand has got you covered from maternity through nursing. Motherhood is such an amazing journey and Boob is here to help you make it in comfort and looking your best ever – all the way from tiny bump to baby at your breast.

Boob designs are made to be worn. Enjoy the comfortable designs and quality fabrics. Wear them over and over again. They will stand the test of time. Pass them on to your friends when your nursing journey is over. Boob breastfeeding tops are a popular design as they cover your stomach when feeding. No need to feel exposed or feel the cold on cooler days.

Not just content with just producing functional clothing, Boob also values sustainability. 97% of the fabric used in their designs are made from sustainable materials including recycled cottons, polymides and polyester. When wearing a Boob breastfeeding garment, you can be assured that you are not only doing the best for your baby, but for the environment as well.

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