baby ktan logoBaby K’tan Baby Carriers

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier delivers a soft, breathable 100% cotton cloth baby embrace that allows parents and caregivers to securely and easily carry a newborn without burdening the hands and the mind of the carrier. Parents can stylishly carry their babies in multiple comfortable positions. Free up their hands to tend to other tasks or other children. It can be worn in all the same positions as a wrap, without the hassle of wrapping! Babies can be snuggled and breastfed in the Cradle and Explore positions. Multiple carrying positions including, facing in or out or carried on your hip.

The Baby K’tan is as simple to wear as a tshirt. With no buckles, no wrapping and no adjusting, the Baby K’tan like no other carrier. Distributing your baby’s weight evenly across both shoulders and back, this carrier takes into account ergonomics for not just baby but also for the wearer. It comes in three great styles – the Original, the Breeze and the Active, perfect for any climate of activity.

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