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Ninth Moon ensures comfort, fashion and functionality in all their maternity and nursing clothing. They offer fresh, innovative styles that are affordable high quality products, which are long lasting, stylish and ‘realistic.’    All pieces have been carefully created to ensure that they complement your shape and grow with you during your pregnancy.

You will love the maternity tops and t-shirts that are not only comfortable but are practical as well. They have been designed with dual function in mind so that you can continue to wear them as nursing tops. The breastfeeding openings are cleverly disguised as part of the design of the top. No one will realise they are a maternity or breastfeeding top.

You will love the soft, breathable fabrics used in Ninth Moon’s collections. The designs are functional and stylish, allowing you to maintain your personal style throughout your pregnancy, continuing well after you give birth.  You’ll love their collections!

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