Adiri Baby Bottles

Give your baby all the benefits of breastfeeding with the stylish Adiri Baby Bottles inspired by nature. You and your baby will love how the Adiri NxGen Nurser’s soft, warm nipple is instantly familiar for easy latches and smooth transitions from mum to bottle. The unique nipple works with the patented petal valve to vent away air at the bottom so your baby gets milk that’s full of nutrients and free of air that can cause colic, gas and upset tummies.

Available in a smaller size for newborns as well as a slower flow teat. For the older baby, go up a size to the 250ml bottle and change the flow of the teat to medium or fast. Once your baby has outgrown the bottle convert it to a sippy cup with the transitional lid. A versatile bottle that is perfect for the breastfeeding baby. Available in pink, blue and white.

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