nanobebe breastfeeding bottle showing three bottlesBaby Bottles

Even breastfeeding mums want to use bottles sometimes. There are times when you need to be away from your baby. Bottles are a convenient way to feed your baby expressed milk or formula for those occasions. However, a lot of breastfed babies refuse to drink from bottles leaving mum feeling stressed if she has to leave her bub with someone for a time.

We are here to help. Sourcing bottles that make switching from breast to bottle easier. We choose bottles that help to reduce the likelihood of nipple confusion. We have sourced bottles that are popular with breastfed babies and less likely to be refused at those times when breastfeeding is not possible. While we can’t guarantee that your baby will love the bottle, the bottles we choose have characteristics that mimic breastfeeding, so your baby is more likely to feel comfortable with the bottle.

We continue to look for suitable bottles for breastfed babies. If you know about one please feel free to contact us to ask if we are able to source it.

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