5 Fun Baby Gender Predictors

boy or girl? 5 fun baby gender predictors

Baby Gender Predictors – Fact or Fiction?

Gender predicators are essentially old wives’ tales but they are a lot of fun to use when someone is expecting a baby. These days we have ultrasounds to tell us with reasonable accuracy what the baby’s gender is. If you need to have some more invasive tests done, you can opt for a DNA test that will tell you with 100% accuracy what the sex of your baby is. Now that it’s easy to find out know the gender of their baby long before their due date a lot of people find out the sex of their baby before its born.

I was in the ‘I want a surprise’ camp, so it was fun to try predicting the gender of the baby with these fun activities and then see if any methods were correct in the end. If you don’t know your baby’s sex, then here are 5 fun baby gender predictors you can use to play a few games at your baby shower.

1. Chinese Lunar Calendar Gender Predictor Chart

The Chinese Gender Predictor is based on astrology using the lunar cycles to predict the sex of your baby. The Chinese Predictor dates back 700 years with the chart being discovered in a royal tomb near Beijing. I’d love to tell you which royal dynasty it is linked to but you will find that no one is really sure.

The predictor uses a chart to select the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception to predict the baby’s gender. Believe it or not, a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology states that this method is 93-99% accurate. Which is a pretty good result when you consider that ultrasound is around 99%.

chinese gender predictor chart

How to use the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

The important thing to remember is that you need to use the Lunar Calendar not the Gregorian Calendar that we use. For most people this will change the month you need to use to calculate your baby’s gender because the Lunar Calendar starts at a different time each year, some time between late January and early February.

Most of the first month of the Lunar Calendar is in February, so if you were born early January your birth month will actually be at the end of the Lunar Calendar and be month 12 or what we call December. This makes using the Chinese Gender Predictor a little trickier than it seems. You will need to check the Lunar Calendar for the year you were born to determine which month you need to select as well as the year of conception to find out which is the correct month of conception. Here is an easy lunar month calculator.

For me when I did the conversions to the lunar months, the predictor was accurate for both my children. When I used the Gregorian Calendar dates, it was 100% wrong!

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2. Myan Calendar Baby Gender Predictor

The Myan Calendar Method is a little simpler than the Chinese Predictor but uses a similar principal taking into account the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception. This one can be used with the modern Gregorian Calendar so you don’t need to recalculate the months.

How to predict your baby’s sex with the Myan Calendar

This predictor works on the basis of odds and evens. The combination of the two will determine the sex of your baby.

First work out if your birth month is Odd or Even. Do the same for the month of conception. Next locate the combination of these on the chart.

For example: Mother is born in May = Odd. Baby was conceived in December = Even. According to the predictor, the baby will be a boy.

This worked for me for one of my children but not the other. Did it work for you?

mayan baby gender predictor chart

3. The Ring Test

You’ve probably heard about the ring test though I don’t think it gets used a lot these days. Its a fun baby gender predictor that is great for use at your baby shower. The ring test predicts the sex of your baby based on the way the ring swings.

How to perform the Ring Test

  1. Take a strand of hair from the mother. If her hair is too short you can use a necklace, ribbon or string instead. Place a ring from the mother on the hair/string and hold the two ends between your forefinger and thumb so the ring becomes a pendulum.
  2. Hold the ring steady over mum’s belly. Allow it to start moving by itself. It will.

Results: If the ring makes a circular motion then it predicts a girl. If the ring swings up and down or back and forth, it’s a boy!

the ring test gender predictor shown by a pregnant belly with ring on necklace over the belly

4. Shape of belly

You’ve probably had friends and family look at you and try to predict your baby’s sex by looking at your belly. Lots of people try this method as it can be fun to guess but in reality there are many factors that influence the shape of your baby bump and sex of the baby is not one of them!

How to use the baby bump method

Girl: Wide bump, or some might say a frump, indicates a girl.

Boy: If you bump is narrow and pop forward like you are hiding a basketball under your top, then this method predicts a boy.

I think if I did this test when I was pregnant, it would have said girl both times. However, I seemed to carry a lot of my baby bump on my hips. Hmmm

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5. The eye test

You might need someone to help you with this one. According to German folklore, you can tell the sex of your baby in your eyes!

How to perform the baby Gender Predictor Eye Test

This one is quite easy to do. You need to stare at yourself in a mirror for at least 1 minute, but not longer than three.

If your pupils have dilate, you are having a boy! If there is no dilation, it’s a girl.

I haven’t tested this one, but would love to hear from anyone who does and whether they have any success. While there are a lot of changes to the eyes during pregnancy, there is nothing scientific to suggest that this method has any accuracy.

I hope you have a bit of fun with these baby gender predictors. Incorporate them into your baby shower or run a bit of a tally with your friends using some of these methods to help them predict what you are having. Comment below or pop on over to our socials and let us know if any method worked for you.

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