Fitting your breast pump

Fitting your breast pump is not only important for comfort but also for efficiency. Using the incorrect flange size can result in discomfort, pain, nipple damage and not being able to maximise your milk output using your breast pump. Using the correct breast shield size while pumping will make your experience expressing much more pleasant and may even result in a better yield.

The following information will help you choose the right size breast shield for your needs.

What is a Breast Pump Flange?

The Flange is the funnel shaped part of the breast pump that is placed around the nipple while pumping. The flange forms a vacuum seal around the areola allowing the nipple to be drawn into the tunnel of the pump so the milk can be extracted.

the night owl original portable double breast pump pink

The Night Owl Hands Free Breastpump allows you to get on with life while still pumping.

Choosing the right size Flange

The Night Owl Breast Pump is suitable for breasts of all sizes. Fitting your breast pump flange size to your nipple size will assist the pump to work efficiently and ensure your pumping experience is more comfortable. The nipple diameter is the most important part to get the fit correct.

To determine the size of your nipple:

  1. Ensure the nipple is perked/stimulated to replicate the size of your nipple when pumping
  2. Determine the diameter of your nipple by measuring from the nipple base to the top of the nipple (image provided below)
  3. Compare the diameter of your nipple to the available options.
  4. Be sure to measure both of your breasts in case you need two different sizes.

fitting your flange size on your breast pump graphic

Image courtesy of The Night Owl

Flange sizing

Most breast pumps offer different size flanges so you can fit your breast pump to your size. The Night Owl Breast pump comes with a standard size flange that is 24 mm which fits most mums. But if you need a smaller size you can purchase an insert to reduce the flange size. If you need a larger size you will need to purchase a larger size flange. Currently the Night Owl flanges go up to 27 mm.

To determine which size flange you need, view the size guide below.

fitting your pump size guide

Image courtesy of The Night Owl

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