Getting started with the Jiffi Bottle Warmer

jiffi bottle warmer home on the bench with nanobebe bottle

Getting started with the Jiffi Bottle Warmer

Getting started with your Jiffi Bottle Warmer is quick and easy! This video will help and there are further instructions below.

Quick guide to using your Jiffi Bottle Warmer

  1. Firstly take all of the parts out of the box. Wash the bottle adapter, the silicone ring and the top of the warmer without immersing it in water to protect the electronics
  2. Select the bottle adapter to suit your bottle type.
  3. Insert the silicone ring into the bottle warmer. You will need to check the instructions to find out which way up the silicone needs to be for the bottle adapter you are using. Some adapters need the silicone to be placed in a U shape, other adapters will need the ring to be placed the other way up like an n.
  4. Attached the adapter to your bottle.
  5. Turn the warmer upside down and connect it to the adapter.
  6. Turn the whole unit up the right way. If you have any leaking, you may have the silicone ring the wrong way up or not sitting in the warmer snuggly, or you may not have tightened the adapter cap right to the end.
  7. Insert the plug and select the temperature you want to warm the milk to.
  8. Now wait. It will take approximately 2 minutes to warm your milk. The Jiffi Warmer will beep when it’s finished heating to your chosen temperature.

There you go. You have warmed your first bottle of milk in no time at all.

Don’t forget to clean your unit and adapters so its ready for the next time.

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