How to use your Breastfeeding Pillow

mum using milkbar nuring pillow to breastfeed

Ways to use your Breastfeeding Pillow

So you have chosen your breastfeeding pillow. Now you will want to know how to use your nursing pillow properly to get the most benefit out of it for you and your baby. Here is how to use it for different breastfeeding positions:

Cradle hold

Place the pillow across your lap and if it has a higher end, you will want this end to be positioned on the side you are feeding on in order to ensure that you can lift your baby’s head as close to the breast as possible.

Bring your baby into the cradle of your arm on their side, with your baby’s tummy snug against your own and your arm around your baby’s back. The pillow should be positioned so that it is supporting your arm and taking the weight of the baby rather than allowing you to be carrying the weight of the baby alone.

The cradle hold is the most common breastfeeding position and a good supportive breastfeeding pillow will help prevent soreness from carrying the weight of your baby on one arm during those long newborn feeding periods.

Clutch or Football hold

breastfeeding-pillow-football-holdIf you are using the football hold, you will want to place the pillow under the arm on whichever side you will be feeding from. If your pillow has a higher end, you will want this end to be positioned under your baby’s head to ensure that you can lift their head as close to the breast as possible.

Place your baby onto the pillow bringing their tummy up close against your own and holding them on their side. Place your hand under your baby’s head for support and your arm along their back. Your baby’s legs and feet should be tucked under your arm with their hips flexed.

This is a great position for mum’s who have had Caesarean births as it keeps the baby away from the incision. This position can also be helpful for mum’s that have a fast let down as it may help the baby to control the flow more easily.

Twin feeding

twin-breastfeeding-pillowThere are breastfeeding pillows especially designed for feeding twins. These pillows tend to be circular and have ties or clips so you can clip them around your waist to prevent them slipping while you are supporting two babies. When using twin pillows, the football hold is the easiest method to use. Twin nursing pillows can also be used for singletons for mum’s who prefer a larger pillow.

Using breastfeeding pillows while bottle feeding

nursing-pillow-dad-bottle-feedingBreastfeeding and nursing pillows can also be used for bottle feeding, you don’t have to be exclusively breastfeeding.

When bottle feeding lay the pillow in your lap as for the cradle hold. Use the pillow to support your elbow as you cradle your baby’s head and hold your arm behind their back. You may find the best choice of pillow for bottle feeding is a wedge pillow with one end higher than the other, this way you can keep your baby’s head on a slight incline.

Beyond Breastfeeding

Don’t forget to use your breastfeeding pillow beyond its breastfeeding function, particularly if it is designed for other uses.

milkbar-breastfeeding-pillow-for-pregnancy-support-while-sleepingkisskiss-hughug-breastfeeding-pillow-converts-to-handbag The KissKiss HugHug nursing pillow, while portable, it converts to a bag when you have finished breastfeeding. Simply remove the pillow insert and fill it with a towel to take to the beach or pop your gym gear in for a lightweight gym bag.

Use your breastfeeding pillow for
pregnancy support while sleeping.


Babies relaxing on nursing pillows. Tummy time couldn’t get easier. 

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