7 basic must-haves for your maternity wardrobe

pregnant mum wearing queen mum maternity ethnic print dress

7 basic must-haves for your maternity wardrobe

pregnant mum wearing queen mum maternity ethnic print dress

How to put together your basic maternity wardrobe

The prospect of buying a whole new wardrobe for your pregnancy is daunting, not to mention expensive! How do you get yourself a basic wardrobe without compromising on comfort or spending a fortune? After all, these items will only be needed for a few months. We have put together 7 basic must-have pieces for your maternity wardrobe. Watch our video to see how these basics can give you a flexible wardrobe for all occasions.


Maternity jeans

Just like your regular wardrobe, you need a pair of comfy maternity jeans. Initially you can get away with your regular jeans but as your bump grows you will need a little more coverage. Maternity jeans generally have a band made from a strong and soft cotton interlock so that they will expand as you grow.

There are two styles to choose from – under the belly jeans, which as suggested sit just under the belly. Over the belly jeans have a larger cotton panel that will stretch and cover your bump. Great for winter if you are feeling the cold a little.

seraphine carmen slim leg under bump jeans in black showing bump

Esprit Maternity Over the belly Denim Jeans


A great Australian invention, the Belly belt will extend the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. This is another great way to save a bit of money and extend the life of your regular wardrobe. Simply use it to provide extra coverage between your button and buttonhole increasing the width of your waistband. The Belly Belt comes in blue, black and grey making it pretty versatile for your wardrobe. Team it up with a belly band or a maternity singlet to complete the look.

BellyBelt Combo in use with jeans
The Belly Belt extending regular jeans

Maternity bra

A wire-free maternity bra is recommended from early in pregnancy as the milk ducts start to prepare for breastfeeding. Many women find wire bras uncomfortable at this point, mainly due to the growth in size of their breasts. However the main reason is to avoid any pressure on the ducts which can cause blockages and lead to mastitis.

Being fitted for a maternity is helpful as the fitter can help to find a bra that will last throughout the pregnancy. Many women find they need to be refitted post birth for breastfeeding, simply due to changes in their body. However having a comfortable easily opening bra (or singlet) for those early days in hospital is also important for breastfeeding.

Emma Jane Next Generation Nursing Bra black version

Comfy maternity / breastfeeding tshirt

To complete the look, you really need a comfy tshirt or top that you can throw on with a pair of jeans or a skirt. There are a great number of quality maternity tops that double as breastfeeding tops available. Choose a top that can go with other items in your wardrobe. Match it with your maternity jeans or favourite lounge pants. If you have chosen darker colour pants you might like to contrast that with red or light blue. DOTE make a great selection of classic tops that can be worn through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

Queen Mum Nursing Tee in blue

Lounge/Yoga pants

A comfy pair of lounge pants or yoga pants are a must have for your maternity wardrobe. Black is everyone’s favourite but don’t be afraid to branch out into other colours. You will appreciate the comfort of the soft stretchy cotton against your belly. Great for lounging around or light exercise.

ingrid and isabel lounge pants in black with hands in pocket

Belly bands

Like a maternity singlet, another way of extending your pre-pregnancy wardrobe is to use a belly band to cover gap that will arise between your pants and your tops. Belly bands are soft and supportive and give the impression of layering. They look great in a contrasting colour over jeans or your favourite black pants

Bando the essential seamless maternity belly band white

Maternity Singlet

A basic maternity singlet is a must have item! Great for wearing under your tops for warmth or layering. Wear a favourite pre-pregnancy top with a singlet underneath to give you coverage over your bump. Singlets are great for lounging around in at home or in the hospital after your baby has arrived.

You can purchase a singlet that is solely designed for maternity or you can choose one that doubles as a breastfeeding singlet. I lived in my maternity singlets after my bubs were born, they were so comfy and practical for breastfeeding. With so many colours to choose from, there is no reason not to have a bright maternity wardrobe.

Emma Jane Nursing Cami Top pink maternity version

emma jan nursing cami singlet top in pink with mum opening clip

Little black dress

Be it a little black dress or a maxi dress, you need something plain and versatile in your maternity wardrobe. A black dress is great for the office, teamed with a great jacket or scarf. Dress it up with some stunning bling for that special night out. Pop a contrasting top on underneath for a bit of colour and warmth on the cooler days. One dress, so many outfits.


ingrid and isabel waterfall dress in black

Of course even though this is a basic maternity wardrobe, I don’t recommend you only have one of each item. But start off small and add to your wardrobe as needed. If you find a great comfy top, go back and buy it in another colour. And take advantage of belly bands and belly belts to extend your existing wardrobe. Choose items that can be worn during pregnancy but that can also be used for breastfeeding to extend their usage.

Don’t forget to save a little money for that special garment for evenings out or events, especially if you are pregnant over the festive season. Now that you have found the basic items you need for your maternity wardrobe, its time to start shopping!

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