Your guide to postnatal recovery and compression wear

postnatal compression and recovery wear

Your guide to postnatal recovery and compression wear


What are postnatal recovery shorts?

Postnatal recovery shorts are compression garments designed to provide abdominal support while recovering from your pregnancy. Compression shorts are popular as they can be worn as active wear and also discreetly under regular garments during regular activities.

But you don’t have the choice of only shorts. You can find postnatal recovery leggings as well, in full length, 7/8 length and occasional ¾ length.

supacore mary postpartum recovery shorts in black side view close up

Extra high waisted post pregnancy recovery shorts

What are the benefits of recovery and compression wear post pregnancy?

There are many benefits to wearing postnatal recovery and compression garments, with the main benefit being the support they give which helps speed up the recovery process. Postnatal recovery shorts and leggings are designed to support the lower back and pelvic floor, which are areas that have been under strain during pregnancy.

Post pregnancy recovery shorts and leggings are known to:

  • Speed up post pregnancy recovery;
  • Assist with healing Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle);
  • Provide support and healing after a caesarean or perineal trauma;
  • Increase stability and mobility, particularly where pelvic instability has been experienced during pregnancy;
  • Help regain pre pregnancy body shape.

supacore compression shorts pink waistband front view

Pregnancy and Post Partum Support Wear can help with support and recovery, particularly if you suffer from pelvic instability. 

Can I wear regular shape wear instead of postnatal recovery and compression wear?

Postpartum compression wear is designed with medical grade compression specifically to provide support to areas that take time to recover after pregnancy. Regular shape wear is not designed to support your body but rather to compress it for visual or comfort purposes. Regular shape wear could possibly provide compression in the wrong places for you post pregnancy.

Specifically designed post pregnancy compression wear will provide you with both the shape wear compression ‘look’ while providing you with appropriate recovery support. Due to the specific design, you will feel comfortable in postnatal recovery shorts and leggings for longer than shape wear and will be able to engage in a wider range of activities while wearing it.

Many women wear recovery and compression wear under garments, during exercise and even to bed to provide them with extra support and recovery while they sleep.

Recovery shorts or leggings?

Ultimately the choice is yours. It depends on what your needs are. Shorts are ideal for summer exercise while at the same time being something you can discreetly wear under your other clothes for additional support.

Leggings are great for the gym, walking, running or any type of exercise you are engaging in. In the cooler weather you can wear them as regular leggings with your choice of top, to ensure you have all day support and comfort.

vixen postpartum injury recovery 7/8 leggings black

Vixen 7/8 length postnatal recovery leggings

Comfortable and sleek design

Compression and recovery shorts and leggings are made from high quality seamless fabrics ensuring no rubbing and no fastenings. The SupaCore compression garments that we currently stock are made with patented CoreTech technology. This technology encourages blood flow to key areas to reduce the likelihood of injury and accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue. Not only is this fabric helping your recovery, it feels comfortable and supportive the whole time you are wearing them.

Medically designed postnatal recovery wear

Most postnatal recovery and compression wear is designed in consultation with physiotherapists, doctors and other allied health professionals. This ensures that the garments provide appropriate support during the post pregnancy period. These shorts and leggings have been tested to ensure that they meet the medical criteria to be labelled as recovery garments for  postnatal support.

Regular compression garments are not to be worn during pregnancy

Regular and postnatal compression garments are not to be worn during pregnancy. Normal compression wear can compress in the wrong places for pregnancy and does not allow for the growing pregnancy. You can wear prenatal compression wear if you need extra support during pregnancy. Take a look at our Pregnancy Support Shorts for appropriate compression garments pregnancy.

supacore pregnancy support shorts nude colour

Prenatal Support Shorts

Health cover rebates for postnatal compression garments

Many private health cover policies offer rebates on prenatal and postnatal compression garments. You may be able to claim a rebate as an aid or appliance, orthoses, splints or medical compression garment. Check with your private health insurer if your policy covers you and what information they require on your invoice. If they require additional invoice than is on your receipt, you can always ask for your receipt to be reissued with the information you need.

Garments designed to last

You can continue to wear your compression and recovery shorts and leggings beyond your pregnancy recovery period. Keep them on hand for your regular exercise activities to prevent injury occurring. They are a must have for your active wear wardrobe well beyond pregnancy recovery.


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